Monday, April 10, 2017

[Solved Problem]My Android Can Not Connect to PC

Recently we have received many emails from Android users complaining that they can not find their Android phones or tablets on PC via USB cable. They report this USB connection problem when they try to connect Android to PC. They can not transfer the Android data or perform an Android data recovery without the recognition by computer.

Can your Android show up on PC?
Can your Android connect to the computer?
Can the computer recognize your Android?

It is possible for everyone to encounter these issues in our daily life. To prevent from getting into this kind of trouble, you may probably have interest in this tutorial.

Actually there are some different symptoms of Android USB connection problems. We will list a few of them below:
  • Your Android is recognized by PC but you can not access its storage. That means the USB connection doesnt work properly.
  • You can not find your Android after plugging it into the computer. That means the USB cable is connected but your Android is not detected by PC.
  • Your can not access your Android data after plugging it into the computer due to the failure to install proper Android drivers.

Part 1: For Improperly-Working USB Cables
Check and switch another USB Cable
Check your USB cable first. It can not work properly if it is damaged. In addition, some USB cables are only used for charging not connecting. So you need change another one to try in this situation.

Part 2: For Undetected Android Devices
Option 1: Restart your Android and PC
This may sound too simple but it does help in some cases. If your computer or Android has been used for a long time without restarting, they might be overloaded to some degree.

Option 2: Update Your PC
If your computer doesnt recognize your Android, it may due to the outdated Windows system. The old Windows system wont detect any Android devices sometimes. So try to upgrade your computer system.

Go to Control Panel -> Select System and Security -> Choose Windows Update to check for updates.

Option 3:Upgrade Your Android
Do you have the latest Android system? There might be some bus in the old versions and make your Android undetected. So this recognition problem may probably disappear after upgrading the newest Android system.

Go to your Android Settings -> Open About phone -> Choose System updates or Software updates-> Click Check now -> Tap Restart & install.

Note: Before you upgrade your Android system, youd better backup your device in advance to prevent from the unexpected data loss. Or you may need a data recovery software for Android.

Option 4: Turn On The Debugging Mode
We already have an article focusing on how to enable the USB debugging on Android, so we wont duplicate these details here.

Part 3: For Installing Android USB Driver
In fact, your computer system will automatically install a USB driver for your plugged-in device. However, there are many limitations to install it successfully due to the various features among different devices. So at this time, you need uninstall the previous USB drivers and install a proper one. Here we will provide some USB drivers for Android.

  • USB Driver for Popular Android Brands

  • USB Driver for New Android Brands