Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to Backup Data on Android Device?

Summary: Even though it has been emphasized hundreds of times that backup is especially significant to avoid data loss, people still ignore to backup. To remind you that backup is really important, this article shows you several ways to backup.

Backup Data at Android Phone
Most phone has backup function. Yet, different phone may distinct. In general, you can find backup at settings.
Take Samsung S6 as an example for android backup. Go to “Settings”, scroll down to find “Backup and reset”. You have two options to backup. One is using Samsung account to backup, the other one is using Google account to backup.
For Samsung account backup, you can choose “ Accessibility settings, Clock, contacts, Email, messages, phone” to backup. You can also choose “Auto backup”.
For Google account backup, you can backup application data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google severs. In the mean time, you can set “Automatic restore” to restore settings and data when you re-installing application.

Backup Android Phone by Brand APP

Each android brand developed their own app to provide better experience for users. Samsung brand has Samsung Kies, HTC brand has HTC sync manager, Sony has Sony PC Companion, Motorola has Motorola Migrate, Huawei has Huawei HiSuite. Find the right app for your android brand, then use it to backup android phone.

Backup Data by Third-party App
Yolisoft Phone Data Transfer
This app allows you to backup contacts, photos, call history, text messages, videos, audios, apps, etc.


First, download and run android manager at your computer.
Second, connect android phone to computer.
Third, hit “Backup your phone”, and choose wanted content to backup.
Last, hit “Start Transfer”, then wait for the process to be finished.

Tip: Except android data backup, you can also print phone data by this amazing software.

Note: If you create backup files at fixed times, the backed up files will be piled up. Therefore, you are suggested to delete previous backup files when you back up files again. In this case, you can save storage at android phone and avoid repeat backup files.  

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from Meizu?

Bonnie: My daughter deleted all the contacts from Meizu M8 by accident. Those data are extremely crucial to me. I find out that there are recovery app that could help me retrieve data from Meizu. I just don’t know which one is better for me. Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

Elena: I own a Meizu M9. Last night, I did a factory reset. I backed up before. However, backup files corrupted for unknown reason. I was wondering if anyone could help me to restore data from Meizu smart phone? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. 

If you ever encountered above-mentioned or similar scenario, don’t be flustered. This article will provides you with best solution, which refers to technical app- Android Phone Recovery

Overview of Android Phone Recovery
1.Recover lost or deleted contacts, call logs, photos, videos, audios, text messages, etc from MEIZU M8/M9/MX/MX2/MX3, etc.
2.Retrieve data from Meizu no matter how you lost it, such as formatting, deletion, OS upgrade, virus attack, factory reset, Rom flashing, etc.
3.Restore files from Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi, Vivo, ZTE, etc. 
4.Compatible with all android operating system, including the newest nougat. 


Detailed Procedures to Recover Data from Meizu 
1.Download and install Yolisoft Data Recovery for Android app at your computer. 
2.Connect Meizu phone to computer and identify the device by app.
A)Enable USB debugging at Meizu smart phone.
B)Install Meizu USB driver
3. Scan Meizu phone and review data. It may take a while to scan, you can leave it to scan while handling other matters at the same time. 
4. Label intended data and recover data from Meizu.

Tricks to Prevent Data Loss:
1.Most people probable don’t have the consciousness to backup in case of something goes wrong. Here the author must emphasize the fact that backup is really necessary. In the mean time, Android Manager is a great choice if you need a backup app. 
2.Always run well-functioned anti-virus app at Meizu smart phone. 
3.Always think twice before you perform actions at Meizu phone, such as deletion.
4.Keep Meizu phone away from physical damage, like water damage, fire damage, etc. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oppo Data Recovery- Recover Photos, Contacts, SMS from Oppo

Elizabeth: My daughter deleted all pictures from my Oppo R7 last night, which makes me very angry. Those pictures are precious memory. I am so eager to find it back. Could anyone tell me is it possible to recover photos from Oppo?

Ian: I format my Oppo R5 unintentionally. Now I feel remorseful cause all my contacts, text, images, call logs are gone. I am fine for SMS, pictures loss. However, I can not bear to lose those contacts information. I would be grateful if someone can help me to recover contacts from Oppo. I am willing to pay if necessary. Help, please.

Have you ever meet the familiar situation as Elizabeth or Ian? Do you know that even you lost data from Oppo device, it is still possible to recover data from Oppo phone? As a matter of fact, Oppo data recovery can be completed by professional app like Android Phone Recovery. This app can restore deleted or lost contacts, call logs, photos, text, WhatsApp messages, videos, audios from Oppo N1, Find 5, Find 7, Find 9, R5, R7, R9, R11, etc. Moreover, the procedure to recover data from Oppo by this software is super brief as below:


1.Suspend to operate your OPPO device straightway if data loss start up.
2.Download Yolisoft Data Recovery for Android app and launch it at PC.
3.Pick data type for scanning.
4.Connect Oppo to app via USB cable.( Turn on USB debugging is needed for this step)
5.Scan Oppo and review listed data.
6.Mark intended data and click “Recover” to get data back.

1.If your Oppo can not be recognized by this app, download Oppo USB driver.
2.If Oppo device is not rooted before, the app probable could not scan data out. To increase the chance of data retrieval, root Oppo device before.
3.If you turned on USB debugging asnd the app still can not identify The device, close the app and disconnect device, then try it again.
4. Backup is always a good friend when it comes to data loss. Hence, do not forget to backup regularly by Android Manager.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Valid Tips to Secure Android Device and Data

In this digital world, secure android device becomes more and more important. On one hand, data leakage happens all the time, and people always lost data due to diverse account. On the other hand, people usually lost android device due to steal, robbery, etc. If you ever meet such kind of problem, it is urgent to knowledge about android device protection. In this article, you will learn valid tips to protect your android phone or tablet.

1.Do not save your password while you log in websites or other online service. Especially when it comes to credit card information, as it will cause major problem if the information gets out. Hence, log out after you made a payment or entered card information for android data protection.

2.Apply to screen lock and encryption. Commonly, you could set pattern, PIN or password to lock your screen. If you set PIN or password to lock screen, do not make passwords visible while input. In the meantime, set up SIM card lock to secure android phone.

3.Lock your app. Most people may be conscious of screen lock. However, most of people ignore the significance of app lock. Therefore, do not forget to lock central app.

4.Secure the network. Do not connect unknown public WiFi as there is a great possibility that someone take advantage of it to hijack your phone.

5.Run anti virus app. You will be able to discover various anti virus program on the market, rely on one that suits your case.

6.Keep a habit to backup important files termly. For your information, Android Manager is a good option for backup data and manage data.

7.Only download apps from trusted official source. Unreliable download may cause damage to your phone or tablet substantial.

8.Keep operating system and apps update. OS and app update comes with better experience and better security. In the mean time, upgrade from trusted source.

9.Keep away from SMS threat. Sometimes, the link contained at SMS from unknown sender may be harmful. Therefore, do not click the link that received from unknown resource.

10.Turn off bluetooth when not in use. Believe it or not, hackers can find a way to stole your data via bluetooth.

Note: If you still lost data unfortunately, rely on Android Phone Recovery to get data back.

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