Thursday, October 29, 2015

HTC A9 Review: An Android Phone That looks like iPhone 6

HTC A9 is an Android smartphone produced by Taiwanese company HTC. It is now available on the market for few days. You might think whether to get one or not. Before you decide, please read this HTC A9 review to learn more.

First, Price.
First thing first, in US, the current price of this device is $399.99. This is a special offer for a very limited period. And it will cost you $499.99 from November 7th. If you want to buy HTC A9 for a lower price, you’d better act soon.
However, the device will cost you almost $660 in UK. Just remember, if you live in UK, it is not a good idea to get one now.
Plus, according to the official statement, the regional sales team can custom their own price depends on the market demanding.

Next, HTC A9 Specification.
1. 5.00-inch screen, which has been regarded as the proper size both for using and carrying.
2. 4-ultrapixel Front Camera and 13-megapixel Rear Camera. HTC camera is not that good at past. This HTC A9 camera has already been improved a lot compared to the former HTC device. It is OK, but still not good enough.
3. It has a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels.
4. Android 6.0 OS. It pre-installed latest Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow.
5. 2150mAh Battery capacity. The battery life of android phone are not such a delight since the day it born. HTC A9 is not an exception, too.
 6. In US, the device has 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM In United States, While in UK, you can only get 16GB and 2GB.
7. Colors. The device is available for multiple colors. Such as, Topaz Gold, Acid Gold, Carbon Gray, Cast Iron, Deep Garnet and Opal Silver. But it seems like not all the colors are available at every region.

Third, the looking. 

Well, You can never not mention the looking from an HTC A9 Introduction. Because appearance matters. There is a great evidence showing that this HTC A9 looks very like iPhone 6. Check the picture below. It is fair enough to say that HTC A9 is the Apple of the Android phone according to the looking. The company declared that Apple copied their design. Well, that is not our concern. What matters is that if you want to get an Android phone that looks like iPhone, HTC A9 is definitely your priority.

Last, Conclusion.

Excellent quality.
High resolution screens.
Fair price ( In United States).
Great looking.
Battery life is not good enough.
Camera is still not the best even it makes progress.

One more tip
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