Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Backup & Recover Files from LG G4/G3/G2 Phones

Since LG released its new flagship LG G4 a few days ago, it catches enough attractions. Compared with its old phone LG G3/G2, it improves in many aspects, like camera, style, material etc. Needless to say, LG finally brings us a high-end and adorable new smartphone. However, no matter how amazing the new flagship is, it is wise to take care of your data. What if you accidentally lost data on your LG phone?

Well, let's enter our main topic today - how to recover data from LG G4. Never meant to dampen the enthusiasm of you, a fact that you shouldn’t ignore is that no matter how powerful a phone are, it is inevitable that data lost accidentally in this digital world. The causes of data loss on smartphones are too many to write down one by one. The most common causes are water damage and the system crash, which account for 35% each. If you don’t believe that, let me show you the proof:

Backup LG Files

So, you’d better take good care of your new LG phone before losing the precious files forever. Backup your LG is the first step:

- On Home screen of your LG phone, navigate to “Apps”
- Select “Backup by LG” and hit “Backup”.
- Choose the preferred backup location, you have too options: “SD Card” or “Internal Storage”.
- Tap “Add new”, then name your backup file.
- Select the files you want to back, you can backup Application(Downloaded and Pre-Installed), Bookmarks, Messages, Home screen, Contacts, Call logs, System Settings, Calendar. Simply select them to continue.
- Once done, you will see a prompt messages “Backup Complete”, just tap “Continue”.

Tip 1. For the photos, videos, and audio files, you can manually copy it to your computer with a USB cable.

Tip 2. You can also backup your LG with 3-rd party tool, like android manager(no root), titanium backup(root) etc. work well.

Recover LG Data

In case that you don’t have any backup files available, this part is ready for those who want to recover data directly from LG G6/G5/G4/G3/G2 phone, but a reliable LG Data Recovery is required.

I’d like to recommend you to use a android recovery tool named “Yolisoft Data Recovery for Android”, which is dedicated to recover data from android phones like LG G2, G3, G4,G5, G6 as well as Samsung, HTC etc. devices. My sister has successfully recovered some photos from her LG G3 a few weeks ago. It enables you to recover data including photos, text messages, contacts, videos, WhatsApp, call history, musics, txt files and more documents from LG’s internal memory and sd card.

Steps for LG Data Recovery:


- Get the LG Phone Recovery tool.

- Run the program and connect LG to computer(both pc and mac are ok)
- Select the files you want to recover. Simply select one you need, or you can click “All” to recover all data store on you LG device.
- Enable USB debugging on your LG. If you didn’t do this before, you will get the prompt message, just follow the wizard to finish this step.
- Start scanning process. When the above steps are done, click “Start” to enter the process of scanning. The scanning may takes a few minutes which depends on your files type and size.
- Preview and recover data from your LG phone. After scanning completes, the recoverable data will be displayed in the scan result. Click the data one by one and mark the wanted files, then tap “Recover” to get them back.

That’s it. It’s easy to retrieve data from your LG, isn’t it?

Small Tips: This LG recovery tool can only exert itself to recover LG data if you use your device as less as possible, because the new data stored later will overwrite the seemly deleted files.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LG G4 VS Galaxy S6/S6 Edge(with heavy pictures)

For most of android users, Samsung galaxy S6/S6 Edge should be the flagship in the Android world until LG G4 released. Apparently LG and Samsung had very different approaches this time around - LG maintains its winning formula, while the Samsung attempted to rethink the game altogether. Which one is the best? How do the current flagships from the two Korean giants fare again each other? Check it out.

Samsung’s flagship S6 and S6 edge using a double curve edge of the screen , comes with unique applicability; LG G4 is equipped with a leather cover, quantum displays and other new elements. As usual, the price of LG G4 is lower compared to some of Samsung's flagship model.

Design: Both are High-end, Mature, Unique

"High-end and mature" is the evaluation of the two phones. I totally agree this. Let's look at the details: Samsung experienced a long-term "plastics age", this time, Samsung choose to design with metal frame + double-sided glass, thereby the S6 and S6 Edge texture is effectively increased. Though, this design is not unique , you might find in other brands like Apple models , but it is still nice and beautiful. In addition, Samsung S6 Edge is more compact , lightweight, which make s it more handful.

LG G4 has obviously changes , it has two options of covers to choose, plastic and leather. For the leather cover, it is the real and high-end leather, not like some Samsung note’s cover. In addition , the body of LG has a curve back , which gives a comfortable feeling in the hand, and makes the device more durable compared to normal smartphones. However, Gizmag also pointed out , the size of LG G4 is larger and heavier which due to the larger display.

Interfaces and other aspects: LG G4 is characterized with a micro SD memory card slot , but do not have a fingerprint function which Samsung S6 Edge has. With heart rate sensor and wireless charging capabilities , G4 seems more practical , S6 Edge is more advanced .

Screen : Samsung AMOLED slightly better

Starting with the S6, the Super AMOLED panel builds on Samsung’s years of improvements, boasting a Quad HD resolution despite being just 5.1-inch in size and that high saturation Samsung has been know for a long time. The G4’s 5.5-inch size is great for media consumption, and with the very high pixel density, text and other elements are very sharp as well. Both of two phones are in the same resolution.

LG and Samsung are the display manufacturers with different display technology. LG 's IPS panel technology like wide viewing angle, high brightness and other characteristics are very well known. The so-called " quantum " technology make G4 achieves a richer color gamut. The Super AMOLED screen is widely used in Samsung smartphones. In Phone Arena tests, Samsung S6 Edge has a higher brightness , more accurate color effects, and LG G4 IPS screen is still tend to be cooler.

However , according to the test by Android Authority, though the color effect of LG G4 is not as good as Samsung, but a slight curve design of LG helps to achieve better durability.

Performance: Samsung S6 Edge are stronger.

Phone Arena conducted a comprehensive hardware tests for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and LG G4, the result showed that the performance of the Samsung is more powerful in overall. Samsung decided to move away from the Snapdragons of the world, instead using the Galaxy S6 as the global coming-out party for the Exynos 7420 processor, aided by 3 GB of RAM. On the other hand, LG strengthened their relationship with Qualcmm, and adopted the Snapdragon 808 processor. Backed by the Samsung’s, the 808 may not sound like the best processor available, but it certainly feels like one. The performance of LG G4 may be not as strong as Samsung S6’s, the former’s multi-tasking is quite smooth, even faster.

In Software aspect, two phones running custom Android 5.0 systemIt is noteworthy that Samsung did subtraction on TouchWiz this year, reducing the unnecessary built-in software and complex features. The main change of LG G4 is that its interface is more crisp , adding some intelligence alerts. But generally speaking , with the feature of fingerprint identification , mobile payment, curved display, Samsung S6 Edge is stronger.

Camera: Each has its Strengths

When it comes to the camera, LG is trying to one-up the f/1.9 aperture of the Samsung cameras by offering a f/1.8 aperture and a large sensor, which means more light can be captured from a scene, resulting in more accurate rendition.The back cameras are 16 million pixels resolution.

Both of them have own built-in camera software, which is very much the same, providing a wealth of shooting modes and manual functions, which can meet the needs of general users. The parameters cannot represent everything, the most important part is the actual photographic effect, let’s take a closer look at the following comparison of proofs:

LG G4:

 Galaxy S6:

Galaxy S6:


Galaxy S6:


Galaxy S6:  

You can see from the contrast , LG G4 has better depth of field in macro terms with warmer colors , but the photos taken at night is even more brighter with less noise; But the pics taken by Samsung S6 Edge are more real. In summary , the performance of two camera phones can be said to have their own strengths .

Battery life: Galaxy S6 is more durable

LG G4 is equipped with a 3000mAh battery, while Samsung S6 Edge is equipped with 2600mAh. Interestingly, the latter even better in terms of battery life. According to Phone Arena tests, Samsung S6 Edge can continuously use 8 hours 11 minutes, and LG G4 was 6 hours 6 minutes, which due to larger 5.5-inch screen of LG. In addition, Samsung S6 Edge supports quick charge function, it can be filled in just 83 minutes, LG G4 will need 127 minutes to do so. But we should be noted that, LG G4 cover can be opened, the battery can be replaced, which makes it more flexible in some scenarios.


So there you have it, for this in-depth look at the LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge! If you want the best Android flagships available right now, both of these phones tick a lot of the right boxes.

Lets check their respective advantages. LG G4 has a stunning low-light camera. a removable battery and memory card slots, while its leather back gives LG G4 a real measure of style. Samsung S6 Edge, with its unique curved side of the screen, the AMOLED screen, more advanced wireless charging, fingerprint recognition, heart rate monitors, mobile payment capabilities, all these features let Samsung S6 stand on the top standards of modern flagship.

Then, which phone is the better one for you? Certainly, it hard to make a precise statement. Those who want a large device will go for LG G4 with is 5.5 inch screen. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are still fun in their smaller size, but it is at the expense of expandable storage. If you are looking for an unique looking device, the S6 edge is clearly a head-turning device. You needs will dictate which one is better for you.


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