Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to Backup & Recover Files from LG G4/G3/G2 Phones

Since LG released its new flagship LG G4 a few days ago, it catches enough attractions. Compared with its old phone LG G3/G2, it improves in many aspects, like camera, style, material etc. Needless to say, LG finally brings us a high-end and adorable new smartphone. However, no matter how amazing the new flagship is, it is wise to take care of your data. What if you accidentally lost data on your LG phone?

Well, let's enter our main topic today - how to recover data from LG G4. Never meant to dampen the enthusiasm of you, a fact that you shouldn’t ignore is that no matter how powerful a phone are, it is inevitable that data lost accidentally in this digital world. The causes of data loss on smartphones are too many to write down one by one. The most common causes are water damage and the system crash, which account for 35% each. If you don’t believe that, let me show you the proof:

Backup LG Files

So, you’d better take good care of your new LG phone before losing the precious files forever. Backup your LG is the first step:

- On Home screen of your LG phone, navigate to “Apps”
- Select “Backup by LG” and hit “Backup”.
- Choose the preferred backup location, you have too options: “SD Card” or “Internal Storage”.
- Tap “Add new”, then name your backup file.
- Select the files you want to back, you can backup Application(Downloaded and Pre-Installed), Bookmarks, Messages, Home screen, Contacts, Call logs, System Settings, Calendar. Simply select them to continue.
- Once done, you will see a prompt messages “Backup Complete”, just tap “Continue”.

Tip 1. For the photos, videos, and audio files, you can manually copy it to your computer with a USB cable.

Tip 2. You can also backup your LG with 3-rd party tool, like android manager(no root), titanium backup(root) etc. work well.

Recover LG Data

In case that you don’t have any backup files available, this part is ready for those who want to recover data directly from LG G4/G3/G2 phone, but a reliable LG Data Recovery is required.

I’d like to recommend you to use a android recovery tool named “Jihosoft Data Recovery for Android”, which is dedicated to recover data from android phones like LG G2, G3, G4, as well as Samsung, HTC etc. devices. My sister has successfully recovered some photos from her LG G3 a few weeks ago. It enables you to recover data including photos, text messages, contacts, videos, WhatsApp, call history, musics, txt files and more documents from LG’s internal memory and sd card.

Steps for LG Data Recovery:

- Get the LG Phone Recovery tool from here: 

- Run the program and connect LG to computer(both pc and mac are ok)
- Select the files you want to recover. You have 3 options to choose: “Multimedia(photos, videos, audios)”, “Database(text messages, call history, contacts”, and “WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp attachments”. Simply select one you need, or you can click “All” to recover all data store on you LG device.
- Enable USB debugging on your LG. If you didn’t do this before, you will get the prompt message, just follow the wizard to finish this step. Or you can go to this link to get detailed steps.
- Start scanning process. When the above steps are done, click “Start” to enter the process of scanning. The scanning may takes a few minutes which depends on your files type and size.
- Preview and recover data from your LG phone. After scanning completes, the recoverable data will be displayed in the scan result. Click the data one by one and mark the wanted files, then tap “Recover” to get them back.

That’s it. It’s easy to retrieve data from your LG, isn’t it?

Small Tips: This LG recovery tool can only exert itself to recover LG data if you use your device as less as possible, because the new data stored later will overwrite the seemly deleted files.

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