Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola Atrix, Droid, Razr

Motorola's wireless telephone handset division is a pioneer in cellular telephones. With super display, Motorola phones like Motorola Atrix, Droid and Razr are popular among Android phone users. And losing photos must be an annoying thing. For example:

Help! Any ways to recover deleted photos from my Motorola Droid Turbo? My little son accidentally deleted some precious pictures last night. Can I get them back? Jack once asked for help.

Dont panic if you encounter the same problem. Here are two ways to help you retrieve deleted pictures from Droid, Atrix, Razr or other Motorola phones.

Option 1: Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola 
Yolisoft Android Data Recovery help you restore lost photos from your Motorola phones on Mac computer. If you want a Mac version, you can feel free to download Yolisoft Android Data Recovery for Mac. Follow the simple steps to recover photos with the Mac version.


1. Connect your Motorola phone to computer via USB cable.
2. Scan deleted photos.
3. Select and recover the pictures you need.

1. Do not use your Motorola Atrix, Droid, Razr or other Motorola phones after deleting photos, because your lost pictures might be overwritten by new data.
2. You have to enable the USB debugging when you connect your phone to Mac.
3. Android Data Recovery works well not only on recovering photos, but also on recovering contacts, SMS messages, and call logs from Motorola phones.
4. Android Data Recovery also supports Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, HTC, Huawei and other phone types.

Option 2: Get Photos Back on Motorola with Photo Recovery Workshop
Photo Recovery Workshop is an app in Google Play. Its easy to make photo recovery for Razr, Droid, Atrix and other Motorola phones without PC.

1. Install Photo Recovery Workshop through Google Play.
2. Scan deleted photos in your Motorola phones.
3. Select and restore pictures you want.

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