Thursday, May 28, 2015

Choose a Correct Android Recovery Tool to Recover Data on Your Android Device

I accidentally deleted pictures I took from my Samsung S6last night and I was so upset because the pictures were of my daughter\'s first wedding dress try on. I have tried several android recovery tools, but none of them work. I wasted my time to download, install, the shits. Which tools did you used to recover lost data?  

Issues of data loss happens a lot in this digital world, specially for the android users. When you noticed your precious data lost, what the first thing you have done? Check your backups? Yes, if you have available backups, it will make the recovery more easier. However, the fact is that most of android users lost their data without realizing it according a report. You will have no way to recover data from your android device unless getting some help from android recovery tools. Thus, today I'd like to say something about Yolisoft android data recovery software


Android recovery tool is the key to recover data from android device if you don’t have backups. There are so many android recovery software available on the market, how to get the right one? Commonly, we choose an android recovery tool in 4 factors: supported android models, supported file types, scan speed, scan result.

1.Supported android models. When you searched a destination tool, go to their main page and check if their software supports your phone model. Or you can contact their support to get the answer.
2.Supported file types. Most of android recovery tool can recover photos, contacts, text messages, call history, videos, audios etc. files. If you want to recover Whatsapp chat history/viber messages or something like that, then wondershare is a good choice.
3.Scanning speed. The program need scan your device to find the lost data, the scan speed is the key feature to verify a good software. According to a review, Android file recovery provides an amazing scanning speed compared with the other programs.
4.Scanning result. If you can find what you want to restore on the result list, apparently the tool is feasible. If not, change another one.

5. Safety. The last but not the least, make sure  the android data recovery software is green and read-only.

From my experience, Yolisoft Android Data Recovery is a good choice to retrieve deleted data from android devices. I have recovered some text messages and pictures from my Galaxy S5. 

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