Thursday, August 13, 2015

Motorola Moto G/X Data Recovery - Recover Files from Motorola Phones/Tablets

Motorola phones are well known as “high-quality”, “low-cost” moibles these years, especially the moto G and moto X series. Needless to say, the Motorola mobiles are great for young people. In this digital world, almost all younger having a smartphone to keep their precious files, like beautiful videos, photos, amazing musics, important contacts, text messages, call logs and more. However, we have received many letters from our customers -Motorola users, complaining that they accidentally lost/deleted files from their phones. It is indeed a little hard to restore files on Motorola if you don’t have any backups. Don’t worry, this post is going to tell you guys how to directly recover deleted files from Motorola phones like moto X, moto G, Atrix, droid, razr etc.


To start with, you need to get a useful Moto data recovery tool named Yolisoft Android Data Recovery to help you to do the job. You can free download its trail versions, both windows version and mac version are available. This program is designed to retrieve data from any android devices including the Motorola phones/tablets. You can simple recover contacts, sms, call history, whatsapp messages and attachments, videos, pictures, audio files etc. on Motorola mobiles in 3 simple steps: device connect to pc -> select file to scan-> preview and recover.

Well, let's get started to the detailed steps:

Step 1. Connect Motorola device to computer.

After you downloaded and installed the program, connect your device to your PC/Mac with USB cable, and run the software. (Note: to make your motorola accessible, enable developer options before connecting it to computer. So that the motorola data recovery tool is able to identify and access lost files on your device)

Step 2. Select Specified File to Scan.

When you launched the program, you will see the screenshot as the below picture shows. If you want to recover multimedia files like photos, videos, audio files, just tap the corresponding panel to continue, and so on. Then click “Start” to begin scanning.

Step 3. Preview and restore files on Motorola.

The scanning process may take for a while, which depending on the size and type of the files it scans. When it is done, you are allowed to view the recoverable data one by one to verify the scan result. You can decide if you need to make the payment for recovering the founded file to your computer. If you are satisfied with the result, click “Recover” button to get them back.

That's it. Lost Motorola files are brought back with only 3 simple steps. Very easy, isn't it? Try it yourself.

Useful Tips & Notes:

- The Android Recovery software can only works on recovering Motorola files that haven’t been overwritten by new data. Therefore, to restore data as much as possible, you should use your device as less as possible to avoid data overwriting.
- Regularly backing up your motorola device is the first step to keep your important files safe(You can try android phone manager, Titanium Backup etc. Android backup apps). In that way, you will save not only the money for paying recovery tools, but also save your more precious time and energy.

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  3. Nice sharing on Motorola Moto G/X Data Recovery - Recover Files from Motorola Phones/Tablets. By the method offered in the article, we can easily recover all kinds of files from Motorola device.