Monday, January 9, 2017

[Fixed Problem]- Android Stuck on Boot Screen

Stucking on boot screen is a quite common problem among Android devices. Your Android phone or tablet may start booting and the Android logo will go into an endless boot loop. That means stuck in the Android screen. In this situation, you can do nothing with your Android. Luckily this article will show you some ways to solve this problem.

Part 1: Why your Android Stuck at Boot Screen
There are many factors may affect this booting issue. The most common ones are as follows:
  • Some applications you have installed on your Android may be preventing your device from booting normally.
  • You may have not protected your Android phones or tablets properly from malware and virus.
  • The most common one is that your operating system is corrupted or scrambled. Many people have complained this reason after trying to update their Android operating system.

Part 2: How to Fix Android Stuck on Boot Screen
This part is probably the most important part you concern. Follow the steps below to fix this annoying issue.
1. Hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time.
2. Let go of all the buttons except the volume down button when your manufacturers logo pops up. Then you can see the Android logo on its back with an exclamation mark.
3. Navigate the option to Wipe cache partition by volume up or volume down button.

4. Hit the power button to confirm and wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
5. Go to the Wipe Data/ factory reset option by the same volume button and use the power button to initiate this process.


If you finish these steps, your Android phone or tablet should be back to normal immediately.

However, there is another problem occurs if you choose this way to solve the problem of booting Android phone. That is you will lose your phone data totally. So you also need to know some ways to protect your data safe. That means you need to know how to back them up in advance or you just need to how to recover lost data after losing them.

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Data from Android
After losing data, you dont need to worry about too much. What you need to do is to choose one professional Android data recovery software, for example, Yolisoft Android Data Recovery.


1. Download an run this Android Data Recovery software on your computer.
2. Select the file types you need recover. Only choosing what you need can save a lot scanning and recovering time.
3. Connect your Android to computer via USB cable and enable the USB debugging. This is to identify your device.
4. Start to scan after your phone is detected. Preview the scanning result and selectively restore what you need.



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