Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Devices

Deletion happens all the time when we are using the android device. Sometimes you didn't mean to delete that last one, you may just need to delete the duplicated pictures. Even worse, you’ve accidentally delete a whole album of great photos. It is really a disaster that precious photos just lost by the damn mistake.

Thankfully, when it comes to technology it is possible to get ways to directly recover deleted photos from android without needing of backup files. Whether your android photos deleted an hour ago or a few months ago, as long as the photos not be overwritten, you still have the chance to get the deleted photos back from your android device
(like Samsung|HTC|Sony|Motorola|LG etc.). This guide will help you do android photo recovery on Mac step by step.

Before getting started:

The first thing you should is is turn off Wi-Fi and data connection on your android phone. The photos are not actually deleted until new content has been written over them in the device's memory.

Given that you don't have backups for the deleted photos, you'll need the assistance from a third-party photo recovery for android application. The recovery process requires root privileges on your android to let the app be able to access your device to recover deleted picturess.

How to recover deleted photos on Android


1.Get an Android Photo Recovery onto your computer. Though there are a great many of photo recovery for android available, but we’ve always had good result with Yolisoft Android Photo Recovery (Android Photo Recovery Mac). After you downloaded and installed it, simply launch the program and select “Gallery” option or simply click "All" to continue. 

2.Connect your android device to your PC/Mac with an USB cable. Then you need to have USB debugging enabled on your device for accessing android photos. If you have done this, skip this step. 

3.Once Yolisoft Android Photo Recovery has made the connection to your android device the program will be able to enter the scanning process. As the screen shows below, tap “Start” to scan delete photos.

4.Wait a while for the scanning. There will be reboots and possibly some screen popping up on your device, just let the android photo recovery do its thing. once it is done, all the recoverable photos will be displayed on scanning result on the left side.

5.That's it, you can mark the check-box for the photos that you want to recover. Then simply save the photos to your PC/Mac by hitting “Recover” and you’ve gotten.

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  4. Want to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Devices? First, maybe you need stop using it in case of data overwirtten. Then find a Android Photo Recovery tool to get them back.