Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Pictures on Android

Many Android smart phone users would like to chat on WhatsApp. They can not only text messages over WhatsApp, but also can share pictures with their friends and family. So losing photos on WhatsApp chats from Android must be an annoying thing. Here this article will give you some advice on how to retrieve deleted photos from WhatsApp on Android device. If you have any other ideas or tips, feel free to comment after reading this.

Follow the Steps to Recover WhatsApp Pictures on Android

1. Choose one professional Android Data Recovery software in Google, for example, Yolisoft  Android Data Recovery.
2. Download the free version and run it on your computer.
3. Select the file type WhatsApp messages & attachmnets which contains files from WhatsApp like WhatsApp images, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp contacts or other WhatsApp attachments.
4. Connect your Android phones or tablets to computer via USB cable and you need to enable the USB debugging to identify your Android.
5. Start to scan after your Android is detected, preview the scanning result and recover what you need selectively.

Features of this all-in-one Android Data Recovery

1. You can restore WhatsApp pictures, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp contacts from android, as well as Android contacts, photos, videos, text messages, audios, call logs, Viber messages and other documents.
2. It works well on many Android smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 +/S7/ S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4/S3/S2, Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5/7, LG G6/G5/G4/G3, HTC One M9/M8/M7, HTC 10, OnePlus, Motorola, Sony, HUAWEI and etc.
3. You can get back lost files from Android due to unintentional deletion, factory reset, virus attack, software update, broken screen and etc.
4. You are allowed to preview the scanning result and then choose what to recover.
5. You can also print the contacts and messages out as CSV and HTML format.


Other applications in Google Play to retrieve pictures or messages from WhastApp

Tip: The most safe way to protect WhatsApp files on Android is to make backups regularly. Backup for Whats can help you backup your WhatsApp messages, images, videos automatically.

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